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Bhandari Dental

I have been a patient of Bhandari Dental for many years. The amazing team at Bhandari Dental has consistently exceeded my expectations, providing excellent holistic care and a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy oral hygiene. Dr. Bhandari is a highly skilled, passionate and caring Dentist! All staff are amazing! Dental Hygienist Kaitlyn also provides exceptional care and Receptionist  Kathy is warm and very helpful! ! I highly recommend Bhandari Dental for all of your dental care needs!
Dr.Bhandari is a great dentist, his attention to details when it comes to oral health is unmatched. He makes sure he checks for every possible disease that can be detected orally when you go in for a cleaning.From the receptionist to the Dental Hygienist they all take great pride in their job. The office is always very clean and everyone is friendly and welcoming. This is by far the best Dental office I've ever been to. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a new dentist or a change in dentists to check out Dr. Bhandari. You won't regret it.
I was referred to Bhandari Dental last year. I had wonderful experience regarding my dental issues. Dr Bhandari is very friendly, caring, competent and experienced professional. Entire staff is welcoming and accommodating. The clinic is well organized with modern technology. Our entire family is registered in Bhandari Dental clinic.
I was referred to this amazing Dentist and I’m so glad I was . I had some concerns regarding another dental clinic and didn’t want to go back .
I recently had an emergency situation regarding a tooth and was brought in to see Dr. Bhandari within hours of my phone call to them.
The staff were extremely welcoming and friendly and put me at ease .
Dr. Bhandari also is very kind and caring. He found the problem and now I’ve booked a further appointment to find out what else is going on with my teeth . The problem with the one tooth should have been picked up on by previous dentist but it was not .
Now at least we know what we are dealing with .
As a bonus, I never felt any pain whatsoever when Dr. Bhandari injected the freezing .
It was a great experience at this clinic and I’m so happy to have found someone so knowledgeable and efficient . The hygienist was equally as amazing and gentle .
I highly recommend this dentist .
Who likes going to a dental office.. Well that's how I have felt but it was a very pleasant surprise when I entered Dr Bhandari's office. It was even more comforting meeting him and his staff. I could see a very sharp observation and a brilliant doctor who is above all a compassionate human being. Ready to help. Saw all the videos of amazing smiles and lives that he has changed. A phrase comes to mind "Your smile, Your choice Dr. Bhandari Style! Amazing people!!

Dr Bhandari is the best dentist I’ve ever had. He is very thorough, meticulous and is very approachable to questions and concerns I have about my dental heath. He takes pride in his work so you can feel confident that you will have the outcome that you desire.
aileenie filipinie
Very nice experience there for some routine and major dental work in the entire family. From entrance to exit, it is first class all the way including the atmosphere with the music and professional friendly staff. Look forward to continuing my dental work at Bhandari Dental and along the way recommending the office to my friends and relatives. If your scared of needles, worry not, you don't feel a thing that's how skilled is Dr Bhandari in his profession.
Dr Bhandari and his staff are second to none. Not only are they incredibly professional, kind, and courteous but the wealth of dental knowledge that Dr Bhandari brings to the table is nothing short of masterful. He promoted the long-term health and preservation of my natural enamel over short-term profits and the long-term effects on my teeth and overall dental health speak for themselves. The hygienist is also incredibly talented and kind and I feel honored to consider this my dentist. Thank you Dr Bhandari for all that you are, and bring to the field of professional Dentistry. And sorry it took me so long to write this review as you truly deserve it.
Sinan Alkabie
Dr. Bhandari is experienced, knowledgeable and professional. His office is clean and modern and he utilizes technology to ensure that you are informed and comfortable. Two visits in, I am extremely impressed. He has a fantastic team who are friendly, welcoming and add value to the whole experience. Thank you for taking care of my teeth and educating me on their importance to my overall health!
Michelle Teixeira
I have been a patient of Dr.Bhandari for almost 40 years! That says something about the kind of care he gives to his patients. You don’t want to leave him. He is kind; compassionate; professional and is passionate about what he does. He keeps up with the latest technology and he ensures you are comfortable and understand what procedures he will be doing. If you want pain free dentistry, Dr.Bhandari is your man. He genuinely cares and l appreciate the phone calls to check on how l am feeling afterwards. Here’s to another 40 years!!
Peg Barkey
Had really bad experiences in the past and knew I needed work done but was really scared. I was referred by a friend who said give Dr. Bhandari a try. My first appointment felt like he listened to me and didn't just dismiss my anxiety. My second appointment was for a deep filling and I was a nervous wreck. I didn't even know he froze me. He was just looking and I didn't feel the needle and I am very sensitive. The whole procedure was a great experience that at the end I was ready to get the rest of my dental issues taken care of. I was so impressed with the whole team. If you have dental anxiety, this dentist is the one I would recommend.
Heidi R
Love Dr. B and the team. They're always very welcoming and easy to deal with. The modern technology and visuals of being able to see exactly what they are doing is so helpful in understanding how to really improve your oral hygiene. My previous dentist would say the same old, "make sure to floss", with no other direction. You learn a lot more about what is really going on in your mouth when you go here. A+
Joseph Maurizio
Once you enter this dental office, you'll never go anywhere else! Dr. Bhandari and his medical staff are absolutely fantastic. For the past 5 years my teeth have never looked and felt so good. Dr' Bhandari work is beyond perfection!!!
kat d
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Dr Bhandari and staff. From the moment I walked into the office, I was greeted with a warm smile. Dr. Bhandari and his team are kind and attentive, making sure that I felt comfortable and at ease throughout my entire visit. Dr. Bhandari is an expert in his field and always took the time to explain any procedures that he was about to perform, ensuring that I fully understood what was happening. His patience and attention to detail are impeccable. But the exceptional service doesn't stop with Dr. Bhandari. His supporting staff is also remarkable. They are friendly, cheerful, and dedicated in their roles, making my visit stress-free. Overall, I cannot say enough positive things about my experience. They genuinely care about their patients' well-being, and it shows in everything they do. I highly recommend Dr. Bhandari and his team to anyone searching for an exceptional dental experience!
Paula Eniks Souza
Dr. Bhandari and his Staff are all true professionals. We have been patients for many years and without exception we have always received a complete explanation of treatments and procedures prior to any dental work requirements. The results have always met or exceeded our expectations. If you are looking for the best dental care available, look no further. Carol and Ray B.
Ray Baldin
Professional, informed staff, and an expert dentist who completed necessary treatment and interventions during my visit, with no discomfort or anything else adverse. The whole experience from crossing the threshold to reclining in a massage dental chair to a television on the ceiling displaying my personal X-rays and other pictorial images, that was coupled with poignant, therapeutic interactions with all staff and a dentist who provided knowledgeable and understandable health teaching, guidance, recommendations and direction, before, during and after the procedure, was my most unsuspecting and pleasurable adventure ever, at the dentist. Warm gratitude to Dr. Bhandari, Natasha and Cathy for making my experience so positive.
Bonnie Kavic
Very happy to have Dr. BHANDARI as my new dentist.. Very professional, gentle, and explains the dental work before he begins, updates with photos during and after.. He uses the latest dental technology. I highly recommend Dr. BHANDARI and his professional friendly support staff.
Terry Schmid
Bhandari Dental is the place to be when you need dental work . They really know their stuff . I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family. Great staff 5 stars in my books
Mario Virginillo
Dr. Bhandari is a true professional. Virtually no pain even when doing the needle for freezing and the best cosmetic dentistry work with a clear explaination on what it will look like and what they need to do to give you the perfect smile. Expectations exceeded.
Nathaniel Freedman
Such a nice team! And the dentist is so knowledgeable and such a pleasure to speak with. He explains everything well and has great communication throughout the visit.
Had a root canal done here and didn’t feel anything at all. Dr. Bhandari is a great dentist. Highly recommend!!
raman Kaur
Dr B was amazing with my son. He made the experience really comfortable and fun for him. He can’t wait to go back to the dentist! Best dentist in Oakville hands down
Kaitlyn Mahoney
Absolutely fabulous team! I had crowns put on couple of my front teeth and Dr. Bhandari's attention to detail was phenomenal!!! They look so natural makes me wonder why I didn't do it 20 years ago 😁. This is not the first time I have experienced Dr. Bhandari's expertise. I had a baseball accident in my teenage days that broke my front teeth and he was the dentist on call. He was able to work magic that night, so much so that when I went to see my regular dentist, he was in awe of the work. My regular dentist told my parents that he didn't think he could have done it... well, Dr Bhandari became my regular dentist at that moment. Sadly Dr Bhandari moved away and I never found another dentist that I was comfortable with... until now, when I found he has returned to Oakville. He is hands down the best dentist I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. I would recommend him and his team to everyone. If you are looking for a new dentist check him out immediately.
Candice Bairstow
Dr. Bhandari is a superb dentist who addressed all my concerns. He was able to fix problems I had with my teeth for years. He put me into comfort and make me feel no pain. He took care of my wife and called her afterwards to make sure she is well. He is a very caring and kind dentist whom I recommend for everyone. His staff including Kathy is very welcoming and professional. I recommend everyone to go there.
Adel Ibrahim
I can’t get over the culture at Dr Bhandari’s clinic. Everyone is so welcoming and professional. I’ve had two visits and on both occasions I was treated with care and compassion from both Dr Bhandari and my lovely hygienist. Today’s full examination was thorough and insightful. My friend recently moved and will be giving a call to the office to start her relationship because she was blown away with the feedback of this amazing practise.
Dadiso Mazhude
Amazing dentist and staff ! Dr Bhandari and all of his staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable and kind! I would recommend Dr Bhandari to all my family and friends!
Leanne Schmid
Recently had to have a root canal with Dr.B and he made sure that I was super comfortable. I was very nervous for the procedure but he made it easy and painless.
Olivia Leja
Dr. Bhandari is a wonderful dentist. My husband says he’s the Picasso of dentistry! I was very happy to hear that he had returned to Oakville . He is meticulous and is genuinely concerned about providing excellent care to his clients. The office staff are friendly, efficient and professional at all times.
malissa pereira
Hello... Last week, I went to see Dr Bhandari (dentist) in OAKVILLE . He did a complete checkup on my dental health. Later, he shared the results with me. Some of his suggestions amazed me because I had visited other dentists for the same issue and none suggested this procedure. I feel that Dr Bhandari is highly experienced in his field of work. I will strongly recommend Dr Bhandari for dental treatments. Thankyou Dr Bhandari for seeing me and suggesting a procedure which I feel that I am comfortable in getting it done. Thankyou Dr Bhandari & staff
Neelam S
Dr. Bhandari and the staff at Bhandari Dental were all amazing! They are really great with our toddler who now loves going to the dentist 😀 The facilities are clean and well maintained, the dentists are all very professional and informative. They really take good care of you!
Growing up in Bronte as a kid Dr Bhandari was my dentist he had a practice in Bronte village mall. He always took great care of my teeth .I remember he ounce opened up early at 6am to treat me because I needed an emergency root canal for which I was very grateful. That practice closed and over the years I bounced around to different dentists and hygienists and was never satisfied with the treatment I received from them. I recently received benefits from work and thought of getting much needed work done so I googled Dr Bhandari and was thrilled to see he was still practicing and had an office in north oakville. I called and he remembered me and I was accepted as a new patient again. The office is stunning and there's just a level of medical professionalism, excellence and perfection I've never experienced anywhere else. When I say that I mean from the dental chair right to the office at the front door. I'm sill in shock from the treatment I just received and work Dr Bhandari did recently above and beyond expectations. Put it this way folks if your lucky enough to become a patient here you'll never have to look for a dentist again. Thanks again Dr Bhandari and staff your amazing looking forward to future visits.
John Duffy
Visiting Dr. Bhandari and his dental team was the best decision I have ever made. From his stunning office to the friendly front desk staff to Dr. Bhandari himself, I felt welcome and at ease my entire visit. I will definitely be back for my next visit. I will definitely refer my family and friends.
Christine Family
I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Bhandari and his staff. Not only is his office state of the art and beautiful, the whole staff is friendly and Dr. Bhandari is an amazing dentist. I felt comfortable from my first phone call to the office to the end of my appointment. Thank you Dr. Bhandari and team for a wonderful experience.
Aira Findlay
As patients of Dr Bhandari since 2020, we continue to be very satisfied with the professionalism, cleanliness, safety and sincere advice we receive from Dr Bhandari and the whole staff. So we continue to be impressed and feel safe with Dr Bhandari's practice. Dr Bhandari's staff are friendly and well-qualified. .we are both very impressed with their competent services.
Wayne Gibson
My partner and I recently switched to Dr. Bhandari based on a recommendation from a friend and we are thrilled that we did. The level of care that both Dr. Bhandari and all the staff have for their patients is on another level and is so genuine, we are certainly thankful for that.
Riley Dillon
Such a professional office! The team is organized, friendly, knowledgeable, and you can tell that they care. Dr. Bhandari is excellent, personable, and his work is amazing. Absolutely recommend this dentist.
Carlo Biasucci
Dr.Bhandari and his team are exceptional. I’m a new patient and right from the moment I walked through the door I felt very welcomed. His staff is caring, professional and friendly. Dr. Bhandari took time to take me through a detailed explanation of the results of my dental assessment. He showed me photos, gave me examples and most of all educated me on overall oral health. I have never been given such treatment. The clinic is clean, modern and well equipped. Looking forward to my next visit! Thank you Dr. Bhandari, Monika, Isabella, Cathy and Kaithlyn.
Izabela Goclik
Dr. Bhandari and staff are very professional and detailed. The doctor takes time to listen and patiently explains the conditions and options available.
Shashank Katte
Dr.Bhandari and his team are exceptional. My whole family including my 5 kids are his patients and right from the moment we walked through the door we felt very welcomed. His staff is caring, professional and friendly. They make the kids feel they are special and my kids have no fear from dentist at all. We really have no fear to go to dentist no matter what is the reason to go. I highly recommend Dr. Bhandari and his professional team.
Csilla Paizs-Kis
Dr. Bhandari’s skill and knowledge are unparalleled. I feel very grateful that our family found him and that he is the one taking care of our oral health, maintenance and prevention. He and his team make sure that your comfort is a priority and as a result all of our visits have been pleasant. The cosmetic dentistry that we have had is superb. We will be forever patients.
Vanessa Prado de Sauerbrey
I didn’t know that it was possible to have a pain-free dental experience, or that you could actually enjoy going to the dentist. Dr. Bhandari and his team have changed my perception of dentistry forever. The hygienist, Kaitlyn, was so gentle and thorough, and Dr. Bhandari did an excellent job at educating me throughout my exam. I left feeling informed, empowered, and taken care of. I’m so glad that I left my old dentist and made the switch to Bhandari Dental. Not to mention, laying in a massage chair while I had my teeth cleaned was a serious bonus! I highly recommend this practice.
Rebecca Kallsen
Dr.Bhandari and his team are the best!! I have never been to a more thorough dentist. He truly cares about his patients and is kind and welcoming. He not only provides excellent dental care but takes the time to provide education to all of his patients. You will not meet a more wonderful dentist and team. We are so thankful to be under Dr.Bhandaris care!
Kimberly D
Dr. Bhandari staff made someone who was petrified walking into the office as comfortable and calm as possible. I am beyond pleased with their professionalism and standard of care given to me. I've had a few horrific experiences with dentists over the years and now I have finally found one that was true to his word and didn't hurt me, not one bit, doing a root canal in which I was living with severe pain and infection for quite a while because of my fear. I can't thank Dr. Bhandari and staff enough for regaining my faith in dentists and looking forward to getting my teeth looked after properly again. Thank you Margaret
Margaret MacLeod
I went to Dr. Bhandari for a tooth removal. I was in a lot of pain. I was very scared for the procedure but Dr. Bhandari removed the tooth so quickly and virtually painlessly. He was so comforting and empathetic. His staff and him are both so professional and caring in everything they do! For anyone who needs to hear it, switch to Dr. Bhandari today! His work-ethic and personality are both unmatched and I promise you, you will never have a bad experience with him or his staff! Dr. Bhandari is our family dentist and we are so happy with his services. Thank you for all you do!
subha pattathil
When I was a teen & young man more than 20 years ago. I was growing up in bronte and my family dentist was Dr. Bhandari. I never had a serious issue and my teeth were great. As they should be. Well life always changes and one day after not being to the dentist for 6 months, I found that Dr. Bhandari’s practice moved. I stayed with the dentist in the bronte village mall out of convenience and familiarity. Well since then I have had nothing but problems. A cavity filling that went too far to the root. Since then I moved twice and have found it extremely difficult To find a competent dentist. With a periodontist on site. With direct billing. Well after so long I was surprised to see an ad for Dr. Bhandari’s dental clinic in north Oakville. From the first phone call to the end of my first visit was like pleasant and stress free experience. I could go on in more detail but I’ll just sum up the rest of my review. I am beyond grateful and happy that I found my old family dentist Dr. Bhandari again. So is my mouth.
Kenny Simpson
Thank You Dr. Bhandari for the painless freezing and saving my tooth. You are so efficient and skilled this complicated dental work took less than an hour. Your staff are all so friendly and welcoming too. A visit to your office is a delight. PS the artwork is divine too.
Nicolee Anne Miller
The staff at Bhandari Dental are exceptional! They’re patient, kind, and very knowledgeable about all aspects of services. A big shoutout to Isabella, Monika, Kaitlyn and Klara so friendly they treat you like a family. I love coming into the office to see you all I Believe you are the nicest Doctor I have been to, It is rather rare to find someone who takes as much pride in their work and who cares about their patients as much as you do! I highly recommend DR. Bhandari BEST DENTIST I ever had. I had a root canal and I kept coming back even if I live 25 miles away. It's worth the travel. Never I felt any pain the entire process. He has this "DENTAL VIBE" that you will not feel the pain with the needle when giving numbing agent and believe me when I say... I was so relaxed I kept closing my eyes to fall asleep during the procedure. I also had a new 3 tooth bridge fitted. I must say that the entire experience was much more than l expected. He is very skillful, gentle and caring. I'm so happy with my new smile. Dr. Bhandari's Assistant Monic is wonderfull . I would highly recommend Dr. Bhandari and his entire team for all your dental needs. Thank you all so much! Samirah xx
Samirah Warsama
Dr. Bhandari is great, he is always looking out for my best interest and making sure I am comfortable. When I was super anxious about a procedure, he offered to clear out his business office so that I could have someone accompany me without interrupting their work day. His work/attention to detail is phenomenal, he relieved me from intense chronic pain that other dentists couldn’t figure out, definitely the best!
Melissa Tran
An exceptional dentist and dental team, I highly recommend his services! Bhandari dental provides care that goes above and beyond what I have experienced anywhere else. Dr. B is proactive, comprehensive and very passionate about his expertise and this makes him an amazing dentist who genuinely cares about your dental health. All of the staff are very warm and friendly with impeccable professional. Even my kids look forward to their visits with Dr. B and his team.
Vanita Hayes
A pleasure to write a google review for Bhandari Dental. I have been a client for over 20 years. Over this period of time I have always found the team to be professional, thoughtful and the services provided are best in class. In addition, Dr Bhandari always carries the very best in dental equipment and the office is always impeccably clean.
Kari Clark
Visited Dr. Bhandari’s office Oct 24 for a cleaning and X-rays/checkup. And excellent professional work ! Everyone is always so pleasant and take the time to have conversation with you. Dr.Bhandari jokes with you and makes you feel so at ease. Thank you 🙂
Susan Parsons
I absolutely love coming to see Dr. Bhandari and the team of staff! Enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere where everyone is VERY well experienced. He is the only person I trust with my teeth. Let's face it, how many people can say they had 100% pain free root canal. All the staff have been wonderful with 3 girls! I’m very thankful my children look forward to going and not scared! We travel an hour each way just to stay with this office, well worth it!
Heather Babineau
Was introduced to Bhandari Dental from my family. Had a bad experience with my previous dentist and was extremely surprised at how good Dr. Bhandari and his team were. I just had a root canal which was pain free and quick! Highly recommend this dental office for its superior level of professionalism and quality of work. Great group of nice people!
Derek Reichert
After leaving our dentist of over 20 years, we came across Dr. Bhandari & team & have never looked back. From the moment you walk in the door, you are like family. Everyone knows who you are & are always so welcoming. Dr. Bhandari is the most educational & thorough dentist we have ever encountered. He explains everything in complete detail, provides pictures & genuinely cares about you & your health. Having a daughter who has always left the dental office in tears, she always arrives & leaves with a smile on her face at Bhandari Dental. Definitely 5+stars! So happy we have found Dr. Bhandari & his wonderful team!!
Steph Athay
Dr Bhandari and team are fantastic. The office is welcoming and extremely clean. Team is professional. Dr Bhandari is an amazing dentist, he is caring, gentle and quick!
Best Dentist I've ever had! I'm 20 years old and have had teeth pain my whole life. It even hurt to eat. Seeing Dr. Bhandari I had the best experience ever. When fixing 4 cavities I didn't even know he did the freezing it was so painless. At all my other dentists I was tense, however here I was calm as can be. My teeth now don't hurt and can finally eat without pain Dr. Bhandari fixed wonderfully a problem that was only made worse by other dentists. Truly his experience and skill in his craft is outstanding!
Jesse Issariotis
My wife and I began using Dr. Bhandari's dental expertise when he had a practice in Ayr, near our home. When he left that location and moved to Oakville, we moved with him. We now happily drive over an hour each way for our dental needs. We have total confidence in his skills as a dentist and are very appreciative of the lengths he goes to provide a safe environment in these difficult days. If it is possible to enjoy going to the dentist, it is this office to go to. Thank you Dr. Bhandari for keeping us healthy.
Tom Smith
Best New Patient Exam ever!! I also had some more comprehensive cosmetic work done. Turned out perfect and beautiful! I can't wait to get rid of my mask so I can share it with everyone. Dr Bhandari works very professional and does have a great sense of humor. Highly recommended. Claudia
Claudia Murphy
Dr Bhandari worked his magic on my husband’s smile. The change is very natural, yet dramatic! I was used to seeing my husband looking a certain way for 21 years and was understandably nervous about the change. Dr Bhandari explained the procedure providing a detailed mould. He patiently waited as we made the decision together while being available for our questions. The procedure itself was painless with little recovery. His follow up calls in the evening show a deep care for his patients and his profession. We would not hesitate to recommend Dr Bhandari and his team.
Anna Trieu
Had my appointment at the best dental office in Ontario. Thank you Kaitlyn for the outstanding work and the conversation. Dr Bhandari, you are a superstar!
Karen Richardson
Dr. Bhandari and his staff has always gone above and beyond to ensure I receive the best treatment possible when it comes to my dental needs. They are top tier and extremely professional, always providing me with information to improve my smile. Also, their office is extremely clean!! Like, eat off the floor clean!!
Andrew Wildman
Right from the start Dr Bhandari’s Staff made me feel very welcomed and like a highly valued patient! I look forward to continuing my dental treatment plan under Dr Bhandari’s care.
Scott Miller
I am always impressed with the service, gentle hands and kind people, makes the dentist experience (including kids) something we look forward to. Keep up the great service @bhandaridental
Richard Buxo
Dr Bhandari was my dentist 11 years ago in Hamilton and after we moved I had to change dentist (honestly I should have just driven an hour to see him, it is worth it!). So glad he is in Oakville. Best dentist ever, and his hygienist is amazing! Also his secretary Klara is very kind. Definitely recommend this clinic.
Sameea Bajwa
I've been with Dr. Bhandari since 2004. Many people are scared to go to the dentist, I can tell you... No pain with Dr. B! He is amazing from start to finish he explains everything to you as he's doing it and even after major work you will get a follow up call even after hours from him just to make sure all is well. Dr. Bhandari always goes the extra mile to take care of his patients. Dr. Bhandari's office is state of the art with all the latest and greatest. I recommend everyone that I know that has any dental needs to go see him and I always get the same response after they've been.... "What an Amazing Dentist" Jamie Burnett
Dr. Bhandari and his team are so friendly, courteous and accomodating. His office is absolutely beautiful and he takes great care of his patients! Highly recommend 🙂
Fatima Khan
Here's my timeline. Thursday Oct 10, I report a really bad toothache to Dr. Bhandari and team. That same evening (while he is traveling nonetheless) he personally calls my pharmacy for pain and infection meds. Oct 11 - I'm in the chair fixing the problem. Dr. Bhandari and his team actually made a root canal a positive experience, I truly felt their compassion and caring, and actually felt like family. The time taken to explain everything in great detail is something I have never experienced. And, pain free I might add. He didn't even have to use numbing cream prior to the freezing needle. His technique, made it so I didn't feel a thing! Oct 11 - evening Dr. Bhandari calls me personally to check in and see how I'm doing. I miss the call. He texts me to ask how I'm doing. Truly unbelievable! Combine all of the above with the fact the office itself is immaculate and state-of-the-art (even smells amazing) which is rare for a dental office, and you would be hard pressed to find a more well-rounded practice. Although Dr. B has treated and been on call for celebs such as Oprah ... him and his staff treat the "everyman" ... like me, with the same care and respect and without additional cost! I'd send my Mom, my daughter, my Grandma, my entire family to Bhandari Dental, as they have my complete trust. Truly an incredible experience, from the moment I walked in the door (Klara), to prepping (Monica) and my hygiene appointment (Kaitlyn) and of course, the man himself, Dr. Bhandari. I even had the chance to meet his mother as well! - Wayde Greer PS. I traveled 3-hours for my appointment. Worth every kilometer!
Wayde Greer
Dr. Vini Bhandari and his staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and looked after. Dr. Bhandari explains all parts of the process very completely. The result of his expertise and skill is amazing.
Dennis Concordia
Dr. Bhandari is the only dentist I have had that delivers painless injections!! He takes the time to explain treatment options, in a no pressure environment. I know what to expect because he explains what he is doing while performing a procedure. He truly cares about his patients.
Wayne P
I’ve just started to be treated by Dr. Bhandari this year and really regret that I have not been a patient earlier. He finally managed to bring my teeth to order, returning a smile to my face. Thank you very much Dr. Vinee Sincerely, Edward Rezniczek/Oakville
Edward Rezek
Absolutely professional and pleasant environment. All staff are super caring and friendly.
Zahid Shah
Professional, friendly and courteous services. Best dentist in Oakville!
Raimondo Melana
Dr. Bhandari has done excellent treatment on my tooth. The procedure room was thoroughly sanitized following COVID protocols. The team is very caring and professional. I will recommend this clinic for everyone
Mir Khan
Thank you Dr. Bhandari for giving me my smile back :-). My crown looks great, and I appreciate the time spent with me at the lab along with your excellent work (and Monica)! Your staff went above and beyond to help get everything scheduled. See you at my next cleaning!
Hazel Pleau
Fantastic facility, state of the art, friendly staff and Dr. B is amazing! He takes the time to talk with you and explain things in detail to make sure you are comfortable and keeping your oral hygiene healthy. The Dentist of choice for Porsche Centre Oakville! Ajeet Kapila
Kapila Ajeet
Dr. Bhandari is an artist of his craft!! His work is impeccable! Very honest and true. I respect that! Staff and beyond respectful, helpful and professional.
Zel Knezevic
The best dentist! He only hires quality staff so you can be sure your visits will be as comfortable as a dentist visit can be. They have all become my family’s extended family. Highly recommend them!
Natalie Wiese
Visited Dr. Bhandari’s office Oct 24 for a cleaning and X-rays/checkup. And excellent professional work ! Everyone is always so pleasant and take the time to have conversation with you. Dr.Bhandari jokes with you and makes you feel so at ease. Thank you 🙂
Susan Parsons
Wonderful, knowledgeable dentist. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting him!
Annette Job
Every time I visit this office, it has always been a pleasant experience. Dr Bhandari has always treated me well & I will always be returning! Highly recommend
Mai Tran
Dr. Bhandari and his team are professional, caring and fantastic. They all provide a level of service that ensures that you want to return. Thank you Bhandari Dental!
I went in for my first appointment, and had the most wonderful experience. Dr. Bhandari was very knowledgeable and very thorough, and the staff was very warm and welcoming.
Abhishek Malik
My wife and I have been booking dental appointments with Dr. Bhandari for 19 years - even when he was based in Hamilton (20 miles each way from our Oakville home). He is that good. That dependable. I'm 68 years old and have visited a handful of dentists in my lifetime. With Dr. Bhandari, the work is done correctly the first time. I can't say that about some of the other dentists I have encountered. Dr. Bhandari is very personable, too.
Dave F.
Only just joined this dental office and all I can say it’s 100% the best . Staff and Dentist and office so clean and modern . Even in these difficult times I had an emergency this week had such bad toothache turned out I needed a Root Canal . I was seen right away and by the afternoon I had the job done and was out of pain.
Joanne R.
As new patients, we are both very impressed with the friendly and competent services of Dr Bhandari, Klara, Monika and Kaitlyn. They welcomed us warmly, took a lot of time to explain what they do and how they can benefit us. Dr Bhandari is all about educating his patients and we like the emphasis he places on a holistic approach to health. He uses digital technology (colour photos) to show us the condition of our gums and teeth. The before and after photos were impressive. He keeps patients involved during each session. The office is modern, clean and comfortable. We are happy we changed to Dr Bhandari from our previous dentist.
Wayne G.
I live approx. 3 hours away from Dr. Bhandari. Having heard rave reviews, I decided to make the trip. The best way that I can describe my visit is "CARING". My hygienist was amazing and Dr. B took the time to explain everything to me, along with next steps. As a teenager, this was very helpful and educational, now I understand the importance of a regular cleaning. I look forward to my teeth whitening in the very near future. Thank you Dr. Bhandari and team! - Trista Greer
Trista G.
Bhandari Dental clinic provides professional and compassionate dental care of the highest quality. This is by far the best dental experience I have had anywhere in the world.
Jill P.
Dr Bhandari and his team are an excellent dental office. They are patient and explain all the procedures. Clearly, Dr Bhandari is a great dentist and does beautiful work. Would highly recommend the whole team to anybody looking for a dentist.
amanda davey
The best dentist! Always pleasant staff and expert service! While I was getting my crown done, I was even offered a laser treatment for a cold sore. I had no idea they offered this service and was thankful it would speed up the healing process! I instantly felt relief from swelling. The procedure was just yesterday and I can already see it won’t be long before it’s gone. I only wish I had come to him sooner.
Red carpet treatment! I had put off dental visits for a while, since moving further away from my original family dentist, my teeth needed some work and so I decided it was time to search locally. A friend had referred me to Dr. Bhandari’s dental clinic in Oakville, as he casually said he's just the best. Well now I'm sure he's right. I was so impressed with the entire experience from greeting the front desk staff, the dental assistants, to the massaging dental chair, and the flat panel TV that I could actually keep watching as the chair reclined because it was mounted on the ceiling... genius! From my initial assessment, Dr. Bhandari gave me an education on my teeth, so much that I could probably write a respectable whitepaper... And then on the follow up visit the next day he went to work, with precision and a pain free procedure. He even provided images of my before and after procedure work immediately, so that instilled even more confidence. To anyone considering a new dentist I would highly recommend Dr. Bhandari, he's just that good!
Mike C.
Prompt service. Pleasant atmosphere. And Dr Bhandar, wonderful as usual.
Ruth G
It’s been 2 years now and it’s always a pleasant experience at Dr Bhandari’s. Staff is friendly, atmosphere is warm and welcoming. My son got his first dental check up and he had a happy experience. Dr Bhandari is knowledgeable and provides good advice. I recommended two of my friends and they also were impressed. Much recommended.
I know most people don't enjoy going to the dentist, but that is because they aren't a client at Bhandari Dental. From the moment to enter to the office with the friendly, caring staff, offers of a beverage while you wait, to the excellent care given by Kaitlyn, the dental hygienist who has done the best work in cleaning my teeth in my 65+ years of going to the dentist. Every detail of my dental health is given the utmost care and Dr. Bhandari takes pride to make sure all his work is done with excellence, and the results look beautiful too. Thanks so much for taking such good care of me and my family. 🙂 Helen Rietberg
Helen Rietberg
I cane to Bhandari Dental after hearing good things from family and friends. After my initial visit it was clear through pictures and evidence that my last dentist wasn't taking care of me and my teeth properly. Now I can say I've had the proper care and attention given and have had a root canal and 10 cavities addressed that were done wrong originally. I'm happy with the honestly and quality of work and strongly recommend Bhandari Dental and the staff there!
Matthew Dinola
After years of dealing with incompetent dentists, I have been fortunate enough to come across Dr. Bhandari. He is the only person I trust with my dental health. He has been so patient, caring and most importantly knowledgeable about my dental issues. If you’re looking for a trustworthy dentist I highly recommend him.
Makdas Chaudhry
I recently moved to Oakville and needed to find a new dentist. Eventually I became a patient of Dr. Bhandari. I was very impressed by his staff and his modern updated practice. Dr. Bhandari is an excellent dentist witnessed by the quality of the work I received from him. He is very precise and very gentle in administering his dental skills. I highly recommend Dr. Bhandari as he is a wonderful dentist to be affiliated with.
Gord Brik
I came across Dr. Bhandari’s dental office by doing a google search. I was looking for recommendations as I needed a talented dentist who could fix a front crown that needed replacement. The crown had somehow come lower and created a gap where the tooth meets the gum. It was very noticeable and was affecting the way I smile. I truly believe a smile is worth everything, as it can create a huge impact in people’s self confidence. I’m so blessed to have found Dr. Bhandari. He’s simply amazing! Not only did he fix the issue, but he made the crown so perfect that people cannot see the difference between my crown and the tooth right next to it. Both look completely symmetrical and perfect! Dr. Bhandari is an artist! I'm forever grateful! His team is very welcoming, and they all made you feel like a VIP client! I highly recommend Dr. Bhandari and his team. You will not regret it!
Rocio Zavala
Dr. Bhandari is the absolute BEST! I’ve always had a fear of the dentist and I can truthfully say he’s made it much easier for me. He’s super kind and friendly. I’ve even switched my kids to Bhandari dental and they also love Dr. B. Best decision ever.
M Zammit
Dr. Bhandari is an outstanding professional and the absolute best dentist I have ever had! His work is exceptional and all the staff are certified pros themselves. Thank you so much for all your hard work! My smiles finally where I wanted it!
Takeo Tenn. YYZ.
It's hard to believe that going to the dentist can be a bright spot in the day. But great service, friendly people and pleasant decor -- not to mention bright coloured outfits!! -- make Bhandari Dental just that. And to think I used to be afraid of going to the dentist! I recommend this dentist without reservation.
Joy Roberts
We have been with Dr Bhandari for many years and am extremely pleased with their service and care. Love their attention and taking time to explain ahead of any treatments..and not to forget the great sense of humour of the staff. The clinic is very modern and very clean. Thanks to Dr Bhandari and my ever sweet higenest Caitlyn .
valerie dougherty
I’ve been to a few different dental offices throughout my life and this is by far the best one! Dr B really cares about his patients and his staff go above and beyond for you. The atmosphere is truly amazing and welcoming! I didn’t even feel the needle when I got freezing done and he is extremely gentle! I appreciate the after hours help he gives too, he’s truly only a phone call away:)
Aeryn Mac Isaac
My family and I are new clients , I would like to say that the staff are very friendly and they make the environment comfortable for the patient. I would like to thank Dr Bhandari and staff for booking me a last minute appointment the other day when I was in a lot of pain and needed a root Canal. You go the extra mile for the patient. Thanks again
Ernest Pereira
Clean office with the latest technology, friendly staff, expert hygienist's. Best dentist I've ever been too. Will be coming back and recommending to everyone I know in the Burlington/Oakville/Mississauga area!
Jacob Martignago
Best dental office in the city. Professional staff, punctual appointment scheduling, treatment second to none,actually makes going to the dentist a very pleasant experience. Congrats to the entire staff your are all true professionals.
Tom Della Maestra
I went for my dental cleaning appointment on Monday September 15th Kaitlyn did a great job and Dr. Bhandari performed an overall checkup. As usual, it was a great service.
Surinder Se
Best Dental experience I've ever had! Dr. Bhandari and all the staff are very friendly, attentive and professional! So glad I was referred to them!!
Aldo Folino
Dr. Bhandari exceeded my expectations. He is extremely kind, professional and really takes care of your dental health. His dental office is immaculate and has high tech equipment. His staff are very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I am looking forward to my next appointment 🙂
Milena Sasic
I just took my little guy there for his 1st filling. Dr.B was absolutely amazing!! We was gentle, kind and experienced. He took the time to showed my little guy everything before getting started. My little guy did so well and a big part of this was bc Dr. B and his staff are so amazing. He is a magician. I don’t know how he does it but you never feel his freezing. He skilled, technical, thorough and always up to date. His place is professional, clean and always friendly!!!! Kaitlyn, Cathy, Dr B and all his staff are great. My entire family goes there now and they could not be in better hands. Dr. B even does follow up calls that night just to check on how his patients are doing. I cannot say enough about Bhandari dental. 5 stars!!!
Rui Ferreira
I have been visiting Dr. Bhandari for close to 2 years now. Very good professional service by a very good Doctor. The staff is also very friendly and caring. I have had a great experience with all of them thus far.
Bharti Iyer
Dr Bhandari was my very first dentist as a child so I'm very excited to have him taking care of all my oral healthcare needs once again. His office staff are professional and attentive and the environment is clean and comfortable. I felt like for the first time in a very long time my visit was actually about my oral health versus my insurance dollars!! I am so pleased to be back in his care and recommend him and his team to anyone looking for the full package and professional experience! Thanks Dr B & Team!!
Michael Silva
We’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences at Bhandari Dental. All the staff are kind, patient and very caring. My four year old can’t wait for her next visit. We are extremely happy with our care and feel lucky to have found this amazing office!
Ashley Anderson
This is a place where you feel as if your parents are looking after you. Dr. B is so unbelievably passionate about what he does that you can feel his joy and his energy. His exam room are so cool too, each chair has a temperature controlled massage function to take away any dental-anxiety. TVs on the ceiling make it so you can relax and not focus on the exam or procedure. All dental assistants are calming and genuinely personable. I see Kaitlyn and she is fantastic!! I feel as though we are a team and my dental hygiene benefits from it immeasurably. Even with the world in a new “normal”' each room continues to have its own HEPA air purifier and set to standards used in hospitals. The open concept continues to be protected by very heavy magnetic plastic sheet doors in an effort to maintain safety while a pandemic is still technically a threat. Dr. V. goes bone and synod, at his expense' to make sure we, as well as his staff, are safe and comfortable always. I can not speak highly enough about the over all professionalism and atmosphere of calm whenever I visit Dr. Bhandari and his dental office. It’s not a traditional vibe in there, it’s so much better.
Christopher Mei
Dr Bhandari and his staff provide excellent service from the time you enter the office until the end of your dental service. All procedures and dental options are explained in an detailed and understandable manner. Entire staff is always professional but also very friendly and very approachable. A dental visit for me is no longer a stressful event!!
Arpita Mathur
After travelling to my dentist downtown from Mississauga for many years I decided to search for a new dentist closer to home and was recommended by a good friend to try Dr Bhandari. I have had two visits so far and have been greatly impressed with the professional and personalized service I have received. I arrived early and was admitted early.The treatment was described in depth and the finished product was outstanding.I also received a follow up call the day the following day to ensure sure everything was satisfactory. Highly recommended.
Philip Dobson
I’m a new patient and so far I am loving my experience here at Bhandari Dental. They are so lovely and welcoming, and Dr Bhandari is so thorough and detailed. He clearly cares about his patients and making sure they are well cared for. I also had a cleaning from Katelyn and it was great. Finally, they respect people’s time - no wait time and easy scheduling for future appointments. All around fantastic and I’m thrilled to be a patient here.
Ellen Goldenberg [Staff]
Amazing experience! Dr. Bhandari is a true master in his craft. And he’s amazing with my kids. His staff are always very professional, efficient, and kind. They’ve actually managed making the trip to the dentist a happy event!
arash arani
Dr. Bhandari and his staff makes going to the dentist enjoyable. I’ve been very satisfied and pleased with all the work that I have had done with them. From a simple cleaning to fillings and crowns, no pain was ever felt. I’m extremely grateful and thankful for such competent, professional and pleasant individuals. A special thank you to Dr. Bhandari for taking time, after hours, to personally call me to see how I was feeling after having some work done. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a fantastic dentist. I commute 1hour to visit his clinic… and it’s definitely worth it!
Carmelina De Rose
dr's Bhandari practice is a place where I've got my perfect crowns and an honest assessment of dental implants. Regular cleaning gives me peace of mind that gingivitis is a thing of the past. The staff makes you look forward to the next visit and the level of commitment to high standards is indeed unique. thank you Ella T Nojd Kitchener ON
Ella Nojd
I visited Dr. Bhandari and his team for the first time last week and they were extremely friendly, professional, and they go out of their way to make you feel as comfortable as possible. They also explain the process as they go along and educate you about proper oral hygiene. The clinic is extremely clean and the whole visit went flawlessly. Excited to continue having this team as my dental team!
Darma Coles
He uses innovative equipment for a better experience and he provides great service. He also doesn't just check for dental problems, but other potential health problems that can occur based on examining your mouth. I've never came across a dentist who does this. He cares about his patients and his staff is incredible as well, they make you feel comfortable when you visit and seeing how a visit to the dentist can be daunting for some, this is a plus.
M lewis
Dr. Bhandari and staff are simply the best. I've never felt more at ease with dental work from these professional people . The dental hygienist, Kaitlyn has an amazing passion and feel to her work. Dr. Bhandari is a highly skilled dentist.
Mitch Rogal
Once again very pleased with Dr Bhandari’s exceptional dental work and wonderful Staff!
Scott Miller
I had a large space between my front teeth and had veneers on 4 teeth to correct this problem. The space was reduced but never eliminated. The veneers chipped and were repaired several times over the years. This caused them to be discolored. I was very reluctant to get this corrected because it would require crowns, grinding off the old veneers and removal of a retaining wire. I waited for over a year, then finally decided to go through with the procedure after my husband had work done by Dr Bhandari and had fantastic results. Dr Bhandari and his team made me feel like family. The procedure was almost painless. They coordinated the work with the orthodontist's office in the same building and I only wish that I had done it sooner. I no longer have any space between my teeth and my teeth look they they were just always there. Dr Bhandari listens, cares and is very professional. All of his staff are caring and accommodating. He has mastered the art of freezing so that it is painless. He should teach this skill in dentistry schools. I would highly recommend going to see Dr Bhandari and his team.
Del Lorraine
Fantastic, Dr. Bhandari and all his staff are incredibly dedicated, competent and most importantly kind to their patients. I am looking forward to actually visiting a dentist, as I was traumatized as a child. Thank you for the positive experience.
Dr. Bhandari provided excellent dental service. The initial exam was very detailed and I was surprised by the overall level of care. The treatment of cavities was painfree and I they made me feel very comfortable during the procedure. The whole staff is very friendly, welcoming and caring. I will definitely recommend Bhandari Dental to my family and friends.
Dean N
Bhandari Dental is the best! Dr. Bhandari is very compassionate and caring and very gentle if you are anxious about dental services. All the staff are fabulous, Kaitlin, my Hygenist, is also the most gentle during my cleanings but my teeth are always so smooth and feel amazing. I love seeing all of them, they make you feel a part of their family. Since Covid though, I really miss Dr. Bhandari’s wardrobe, he has such a cool sense of fashion. He also plays the best music and the massaging chairs make you feel so relaxed! He’s the best😀 Best dental care ever!!!
Dr. Bhandari and his team are over the top, simply the best. I have recently completed some dental work which culminated with the installation of a new six tooth front bridge. I must say that the entire experience was much more than l expected, albeit only in a good way. Dr. Bhandari is impressive, not only for his level of dental skills but also for his desire to achieve the very best optimal results for his patients. Furthermore, the atmosphere "in the chair" was relaxing, yet highly professional. I also appreciated Dr. Bhandari's use of modern audio visual aids to convey a complete understanding of the process and the transformation which was about to take place. I would highly recommend Dr. Bhandari and his staff for all your dental needs.
Gary Lewicki
Always a very pleasant experience at Dr. Bhandari’s dental office. All the staff are welcoming and helpful. Dr. B takes the time to explain everything and makes you feel comfortable and reassured
Everything about Dr Bhandari and his clinic is amazing. He is friendly, knowledgeable and takes good care of his patients. Kaitlyn is a wonderful hygienist. She does a great job cleaning teeth and educates her patients about oral care. Great dental office and I highly recommend!!
Shazia Adnan
An amazing experience from the front desk with Isabella, to hygienist who took extra care in cleaning my teeth, side assistant Monica, to the guidance of dr. Bhandari that created plan after the oral exam. Completely satisfied with the work and happy results.
Lenke Muntean
Fast and efficient dental work. Appreciated seeing the before and after photos. Clearly explained what to expect after the fillings were done. Got my bite perfect so no return visit needed. Thanks!
rajeev nath
I've gone to a different dentist 30/30 years of my life- faithfully. Never missed an appointment. When I transferred to my husband's dentist, Dr. Bhandari, he found EIGHT cavities that he suspects have been there for years. To say that was shocked is an understatement. 2 painless appointments later, I'm all fixed and so happy with the work. He kept me involved in the process every step of the way and Monica is an absolute star in her own right. So happy I made the switch.
Ashley MacBeath
Always so friendly and helpful for my dental health, I feel like I am part of their family . Always a pleasure
Mike Case
Dr. Bhandari is the best Dentist I have ever had, and I have had quite a few. He is meticulous, professional and most of all caring for his patients. Everyone at Bhandari Dental reflects the same professional and caring approach to their patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Bhandari to anyone. Michael
Karen Shular
The environment experience was one of friendliness, informative and professional. I have known Dr. Bhandari almost 18 years and although I am not a frequent client, whenever I do require his services, they are respectful, he is well accomplished as a dentist which speaks well of himself and his staff.
Angela Biamonte
I drive a long way to go to Bhandari Dental and it is always worth my while. Yes, I appreciate the friendly greetings and interesting conversations but first and foremost for me is expert care of my teeth and gums. Dr. Bhandari's medical knowledge ensures that my oral health -- and hence my total body health -- is well looked after.
Joy Roberts
I couldn't be happier with the service and care that we've received since coming to "Dr. B" for our dental work. We had been at a previous dentist for over 40 years and found that the care we have recently received has been substandard. We've already had work done and the workmanship along with the photographs to prove it have been wonderful. We've already recommended Bhandari Dental to others even though it is a 40 minute drive one way for us.
Alan Rietberg
Visited Dr. Bhandari’s office Oct 24 for a cleaning and X-rays/checkup. And excellent professional work ! Everyone is always so pleasant and take the time to have conversation with you. Dr.Bhandari jokes with you and makes you feel so at ease. Thank you 🙂
Angela Biamonte
I have been seeing this dentist for approximately 35 years. He is professional, he is very knowledgeable with respect to new trends in the field of dentistry, his support staff is excellent and well trained. He is personable and inspires confidence. I know that Dr. Bhandari is the best dentist in the region. He very well may be the best dentist in the country!!!!!
David Aikin
I'm not one to give five stars usually however, I felt that due the the exceptional service and attention to detail five stars were well earned. Also how many dentists take the time to call you personally after your visit to ensure your doing well, this one does. Thank you to Dr. Bhandari and all his staff!
Richard Leja
Dr. Bhandari is not only a smart, talented, honest artist of a dentist, he is also caring, kind and generous. I’m a new patient of Dr. Bhandari and he has never guided me to do anything for his financial gain. He helps me make decisions that are best and most financially suitable for me. I’ve had a cleaning and a cavity fix at his office and most recently he fixed a cracked filling of mine curtesy of him. Wow!! I was not expecting that..he did not have to and I had no idea till I went to pay for my services. Klara let me know and I was just so so grateful. Klara is also amazing!! She tries her very best to accommodate the patients into their very busy schedule. Kaitlyn, is my hygienist and she was so gentle, informative, caring and friendly (I will be seeing her next week 🙂 The office is beautiful, clean, and up to date with all new equipment to keep is patients safe and provide his patients with high quality care. I will be referring anyone that ask for a dentist to Dr. Bhandaris office and definitely sharing my positive experience with my family and friends. Thank you Dr. Bhandari and team. Keep up the amazing work.
Abigail Chow
Dr. Vineet Bhandari and the entire staff are friendly, extremely competent, professional staff. I have gone to dentists for over 50 years and no one has given me the kind of care, teaching, and excellent service provided by Dr. Bhandari and his staff. Thanks so much!
Helen Rietberg
ALL PAINS GONE!! Dear Dr. Vineet Bhandari, I wanted to take some time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you did on my teeth. Since moving to Oakville from Markham in 2009, my entire family was looking for a Dentist and a team we could trust. Recently, I started feeling a pain on the left side on my teeth. The pain was excruciating and wasn't even able to eat or put pressure there for months. With the scare of COVID-19, the fear of contracting this virus made this stressful situation even more challenging. When my filling suddenly fell while flossing on Thursday night, I knew I was in trouble on these two teeth. Then this is when I found you!! From your amazing receptionist to the whole staff made me feel comfortable. You took my urgent matter the next day and even if I was not scheduled to come, you treated me like I was the only client you had that day when my filling broke. My mind was at ease when you told me "I can save your two teeth!" What is more impressive is how your confidence and expertise was so palpable. I was told by my former dentist that my bite was so unique that I could never have a normal bite. After your masterful work, I felt for the first time in years a normal bite. I was so impressed I mentioned this to all my friends and family and booked an appointment for my wife and mother. I am planning to send an email to everyone I can reach and encourage them to come see you. No wonder why celebrities such as Oprah and others have chosen you to work on their mouth. Truly, you are the Michael Jordan of dentistry. Josué Cinéus
Josué Cinéus.
Just like Oprah, I had an aha moment when deciding to go with the best of the best, and that is Dr. Bhandari! He was very professional through and through during my procedure! Not only that, he paid very close attention to my facial expressions while he was adding a crown to my front tooth, and did some tricky/meticulous work to get it placed properly, and with such precision. Dr. Bhandari offers many solutions, and has a way to put you at ease when in his care. The all around care that I received is unsurpassed hands down. His lab turns out perfect crowns, and his dental assistants are thorough and caring. I will be going back routinely, not to mention my entire family will as well. His entire staff will truly make you feel valued as a patient and customer. Thank you for being so caring and listening attentively.
nadia bacchus
When you want your teeth to be clean you go to your dentist. When you want your oral health to be go to see Dr Bhandari. The best of the best and has the most outstanding staff I've ever experienced. You are pampered and cared for from the time you walk in until you walk out with a beautiful smile. Don't think twice about this practice....just go!!!
Ellis Tagoe
My experience with Dr. Bhandari was wonderful. I came to Dr.Bhandari with a poorly done crown and needing a root canal re-treatment from my previous dentist. My crown was at the front of my mouth and I hated my smile. I can now say my tooth is finally pain free and the crown looks perfect and so natural! Dr.Bhandari treated me so well, kept me well informed during my procedures and made me feel very comfortable with his work. I am so happy with how my smile looks and feels now, I would recommend him to everyone!
Lauren Mooney
Dr Bhandari is an amazing dentist and runs an amazing practice, I have had a lot of work done through his practice and am appreciative of his excellence and impeccable detail to his work. Keep it up I will always be a patient.
Max Giambattista
Great experience. Love the use of digital photos to show before and after treatment of teeth. Dr Bhandari is very thorough checking oral diseases and teeth. Also love the high tech chairs with message while your teeth are being cleaned.
Dave Yamada
My family has been taken care of by Dr. Bhandari for 2 years now. From routine visits to emergency root canals they have been there for us and the care given has been exceptional. Most recently my teen started experiencing excruciating tooth pain at 930pm at night. I called and left a message and by 10am I was at Shoppers picking up her prescription and by 12pm she was in the office. She felt instant relief and had everything explained to her as they went along. The office is immaculate which allowed me not to worry during these Covid times. Thank you Dr. Bhandari and Klara for everything. You are truly great humans and we are blessed to have you as part of our family's care team.
Rachelle Parent
Love the professional care they take every step of the way with the patients needs always first in mind. And thank you very much for being able to correct some very serious dental issues that had not been addressed previously at another dental clinic. Thank you for caring. Much appreciated.
I am a terrified patient so Dr. Bhandari has his hands full. Dr. Bhandari has turned my fears into a very calm and relaxing experience. I have had Painless, comfortable care and most of all I trust him, which for me is a HUGE deal. He is an expert in his field and he makes your teeth look GOOD!!! Most will say I can't afford an office with TV's on the ceilings or treatments in a massaging chair or to be handed a hot towel for your face post treatment (YES its true and I love it!) but I will be honest and tell you never have I had to pay over and above what my benefits cover, unlike other dental offices I have experienced in the past. The office is equipped that way because Dr. Bhandari CARES about the comfort of his patients and he puts us first. If you have a fear like I did this is the place for you!! You will never look back I promise!
Corinne Hazlett
OMG!!!! Best dentist I’ve never been to! My sister in law recommended me to Dr Bhandari after I was not well and was told that I have an infection in a root canal that was done many many years ago. Dr Bhandari confirmed that I did not have an infection and the previous dentist did the troubled tooth! Not sure why that dentist was blaming the previous one! Dr Bhandari took his time and explained to me and even demonstrated everything to me. Gave me tip what to do after I leave. CAN YOU BELIVE DR BHANDARI CALLED ME PERSONALLY TO CHECK ON ME THAT SAME NIGHT?!? YES!!!!!!!! AND HE DOES EVERYTHING DENTAL RELATED!!!!
Racq Racq
Dr. Bhandari n his team was very welcoming and personable. He did a thorough Initial Assessment which I had never experienced before. Happy to find this GEM
Puja Govil
The moment you walk into Dr.Bhandari's office, you would believe it was built yesterday and cleaned this morning. Mood lighting, a fireplace, and pictures of endless high profile guests that have trusted Dr Bhandari with there Hollywood smiles. After seeing over seven other dentists from Hamilton all the way to Toronto, they have never been able to freeze my mouth properly and would go through 7 needles before I would give up and take the pain. The lack of freezing concerned for me when I needed to have several fillings done and four crowns put on my front four teeth after a motorcycle accident. After sweating in the chair for about 2 minutes, the needle was in without me noticing, and I could feel the freezing beginning before Dr Bhandari removed the needle from my gum. Within two minutes my mouth was completely frozen, and the freezing was gone only a couple hours after the surgery. Everything during the procedure was painless, and that made the time sitting in the chair seem like a fraction of what it was. My teeth now look better than ever before, and I have received nothing but great compliments on how well my "natural teeth" look. The care and compassion that Dr.Bhandari shows for the guests of his practice are second to none. The results will leave you breathless and will leave you with a beautiful white smile for years to come.