Bhandari Dental

Dr.Bhandari and his team are exceptional. My whole family including my 5 kids are his patients and right from the moment we walked through the door we felt very welcomed. His staff is caring, professional and friendly. They make the kids feel they are special and my kids have no fear from dentist at all. We really have no fear to go to dentist no matter what is the reason to go. I highly recommend Dr. Bhandari and his professional team.
Very friendly professional staff. Eager to make sure your visit is as comfortable as possible. They have taken every step to ensure a safe clean environment during this pandemic. I highly recommend !
Dr. Bhandari and his staff makes going to the dentist enjoyable. I’ve been very satisfied and pleased with all the work that I have had done with them. From a simple cleaning to fillings and crowns, no pain was ever felt. I’m extremely grateful and thankful for such competent, professional and pleasant individuals. A special thank you to Dr. Bhandari for taking time, after hours, to personally call me to see how I was feeling after having some work done. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a fantastic dentist. I commute 1hour to visit his clinic… and it’s definitely worth it!
I had a large space between my front teeth and had veneers on 4 teeth to correct this problem. The space was reduced but never eliminated. The veneers chipped and were repaired several times over the years. This caused them to be discolored. I was very reluctant to get this corrected because it would require crowns, grinding off the old veneers and removal of a retaining wire. I waited for over a year, then finally decided to go through with the procedure after my husband had work done by Dr Bhandari and had fantastic results. Dr Bhandari and his team made me feel like family. The procedure was almost painless. They coordinated the work with the orthodontist's office in the same building and I only wish that I had done it sooner. I no longer have any space between my teeth and my teeth look they they were just always there. Dr Bhandari listens, cares and is very professional. All of his staff are caring and accommodating. He has mastered the art of freezing so that it is painless. He should teach this skill in dentistry schools. I would highly recommend going to see Dr Bhandari and his team.
Everything about Dr Bhandari and his clinic is amazing. He is friendly, knowledgeable and takes good care of his patients. Kaitlyn is a wonderful hygienist. She does a great job cleaning teeth and educates her patients about oral care. Great dental office and I highly recommend!!

My wife and I have been booking dental appointments with Dr. Bhandari for 19 years – even when he was based in Hamilton (20 miles each way from our Oakville home). He is that good. That dependable. I’m 68 years old and have visited a handful of dentists in my lifetime. With Dr. Bhandari, the work is done correctly the first time. I can’t say that about some of the other dentists I have encountered. Dr. Bhandari is very personable, too.Dave F. | Jul 17, 2020
Only just joined this dental office and all I can say it’s 100% the best . Staff and Dentist and office so clean and modern . Even in these difficult times I had an emergency this week had such bad toothache turned out I needed a Root Canal . I was seen right away and by the afternoon I had the job done and was out of pain.Joanne R. | Apr 10, 2020
I have just become a new patient with DR. Bhandari. And I have nothing but good things to say about him and his team . Both my husband and I have had to have emergency treatment . And with this COVID-19 I had toothache start last Friday I called The office and they got me antibiotics sent to my pharmacy which I started last Friday but today the pain was unbearable and I called again this morning and he called back to say he could see me today which I did and had emergency Root Canal done . Very sore now but hopefully by tomorrow it will be feeling like new again . I can’t thank you enough and Klara too . Happy Easter To you all xxJoanne R. | Apr 08, 2020
As new patients, we are both very impressed with the friendly and competent services of Dr Bhandari, Klara, Monika and Kaitlyn. They welcomed us warmly, took a lot of time to explain what they do and how they can benefit us. Dr Bhandari is all about educating his patients and we like the emphasis he places on a holistic approach to health. He uses digital technology (colour photos) to show us the condition of our gums and teeth. The before and after photos were impressive. He keeps patients involved during each session. The office is modern, clean and comfortable. We are happy we changed to Dr Bhandari from our previous dentist.Wayne G. | Feb 09, 2020
I live approx. 3 hours away from Dr. Bhandari. Having heard rave reviews, I decided to make the trip. The best way that I can describe my visit is “CARING”. My hygienist was amazing and Dr. B took the time to explain everything to me, along with next steps. As a teenager, this was very helpful and educational, now I understand the importance of a regular cleaning. I look forward to my teeth whitening in the very near future. Thank you Dr. Bhandari and team! – Trista Greer Trista G. | Jan 03, 2020
Bhandari Dental clinic provides professional and compassionate dental care of the highest quality. This is by far the best dental experience I have had anywhere in the world.Jill P. | Nov 30, 2019